Jun 7, 2015

Last Day Events: Facing Earth's Final Crisis (2002) by Ellen G. White

Book's pages: 306

This is a compilation of excerpts from various of Ellen G. White's books. The compilation seeks to provide a "one-stop shop" to get a comprehensive quotes of Ellen G. White's views of the greatest challenges currently facing our planet. This book can serve as a reference for one who would like to identify books for further readings on Ellen G. White's views. At the end of each quotation, the compilers provide the original book from which the excerpt was taken.

Some of the key takeaways from this book include:

  1. Natural and human-made disasters will increase. While we hope to see a more peaceful planet, in Ellen G. White's view peace is unattainable. National contentions will continue. This view seems consistent with the current challenges we see even between the continued chilling relationship between the United States and Russia especially after the Ukraine encounter. Also, the World Economic Forum and other research bodies foresee future conflicts popping up from seemingly simple things like water and land resources. 
  2. Religious liberty/rights will be subverted. One would assume this would be a result of the new atheism movement. However, White indicates religious rights of minorities will be impinged by other religious groups. 
  3. Life in the cities will increasingly become unbearable that some will leave the cities for their safety. This point is sobering considering that the majority of the planet's population lives in megacities. For example, Tokyo has a population of above 35 million.

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