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On February 27, 2015, 3AngelsLCI launched its VISION 2025 in commemoration of Ellen G. White's new strategy she visioned on February 27, 1910. As the 105-year anniversary of that new strategy, February 27 became the key date to launch the VISION 2025 which aims to bring that new strategy to life.

Centers of Influence

Centers of Influence are one part of the Ellen G. White's twin-model strategy of community development and humanitarian endeavors for reaching all cities, towns and villages worldwide. These pictures shows a center of influence in development in Phoenix, AZ.

Outpost Centers

Outpost Centers are the other part of Ellen G. White's twin-model strategy. The services at the Outpost Centers and Centers of Influence are to complement each other.

Community-based Agriculture

This Hub of Influence is demonstrating how home-based agriculture, a key component of Ellen G. White's strategy, can still be implemented within a city, even a desert-city like Phoenix, AZ. Home-based agriculture has various benefits to community well-being including economic empowerment, healthy exercise, access of sunlight and fresh air, environmental conservation, food security, etc.

Apr 5, 2014

d'Sozo: Reversing the Worst Evil by Dave Fiedler

eBook's pages:  359;

d'Sozo: Reversing the Worst Evil deserves to be read again at least twice. This is because the author has painstakingly made hundreds of references to historical sources which he housed for a reader under one book. I encourage the reader to find and study the historical documents to which the author refers. This book may prove to be the ultimate "textbook" for the most serious researchers and missionaries seeking to implement the true Isaiah 58 medical missionary work which Ellen G. White advocated. 

A reader will be able to understand the importance of "d'Sozo" which is the combining of medical missionary work with ministreal work to properly reveal the gospel to humanity worldwide. As Dave Fiedler shows, a number of "entities" depend on the proper revelation of the gospel using medical missionary work. For instance, the author argues that suffering humanity depends on d'Sozo, the Loud Cry and Latter Rain future events depend on it, and even the Godhead is depending on it too (to finish the Great Controversy). Additionally, Dave Fiedler has put a context around these "plain and boring" historical source documents showing a rare storytelling skill that most of can only but envy. The book features historical characters and institutions including Dr. John H. Kellogg, Ellen G. White, Alfred W. and Emma Semmens, Sister Louise, John O. Corliss, John A. Burden, John H. N. Tindall, W. D. Frazee, Battle Creek Sanitarium, Avondale College, American Medical Association (AMA), and the College of Medical Evangelists (Loma Linda University). 

The book details the necessity of the Isaiah 58 humanitarian work to the Seventh-day Adventist Church's relevance. The name of the book is based on the following quotation in which Ellen G. White shows that the Seventh-day Adventist Church's failure to implement d'Sozo causes a separation of medical missionaries and ministers. 

"My brethren, the Lord calls for unity, for oneness. We are to be one in the faith. I want to tell you that when the gospel ministers and the medical missionary workers are not united, there is placed on our churches the worst evil that can be placed there. Our medical missionaries ought to be interested in the work of our conferences, and our conference workers ought to be as much interested in the work of our medical missionaries." — Manuscript 46, 1904.

Therefore, Ellen G. White has indicated that this failure plunges the churches into "the worst evil" and robs suffering humanity of the greatest humanitarian demonstration of love which Jesus longs to reveal to them. Dave Fiedler's goal is to urge the reader to seek to "reverse this worst of evils."

Also, after reading Dave Fiedler and Larry Cook's own personal experiences in "reversing the worst evil" in this book, visit www.adventistcitymissions.org and read about their short but amazing demonstration of the d'Sozo concept in the 21st Century.

Click here to buy a copy of the book www.remnantpublications.com