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On February 27, 2015, 3AngelsLCI launched its VISION 2025 in commemoration of Ellen G. White's new strategy she visioned on February 27, 1910. As the 105-year anniversary of that new strategy, February 27 became the key date to launch the VISION 2025 which aims to bring that new strategy to life.

Centers of Influence

Centers of Influence are one part of the Ellen G. White's twin-model strategy of community development and humanitarian endeavors for reaching all cities, towns and villages worldwide. These pictures shows a center of influence in development in Phoenix, AZ.

Outpost Centers

Outpost Centers are the other part of Ellen G. White's twin-model strategy. The services at the Outpost Centers and Centers of Influence are to complement each other.

Community-based Agriculture

This Hub of Influence is demonstrating how home-based agriculture, a key component of Ellen G. White's strategy, can still be implemented within a city, even a desert-city like Phoenix, AZ. Home-based agriculture has various benefits to community well-being including economic empowerment, healthy exercise, access of sunlight and fresh air, environmental conservation, food security, etc.

Jan 30, 2012

Why do a 1 Million Page Challenge?

So why would someone do such a challenge? What's the motivation behind this challenge? Am I just crazy? Don't worry, I'm not crazy! I've decided to do this because I believe it will enrich my life a lot so that I can achieve my long-term goals. Basically, I have huge goals for my life (those who know me fully understand what I mean... very huge goals) and I'm going to do whatever I can to see them to fruition. This challenge will help me achieve my objectives in the following areas:
  1. I will launch my career with an amazing employer and I look forward to doing great things for both my employer and my employer's clients. This career gives me a wonderful opportunity to make a huge global impact. It is going to be exciting and challenging, I'm sure.
  2. My goal is to be a global citizen who will be a lover of humanity in heart, soul, and action (strength). I want to turn the world upside down... positively. By the time I retire (if I retire) my efforts need to have impacted billions of lives. This sounds impossible so you may have gotten the hint that... I'm on a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! 
  3. I'm part of a global organization that has a mission to reach every individual on this planet. How do you reach 7,000,000,000 (billion) people and leave a positive impression/impact in their lives? This is another "mission impossible"! I hope that when I finish this challenge, I will have some answers that are actionable for this global organization. (Then again, in ten years we might be talking of 8 or 10 billion people.)
Anyway, by this time it should be clear that I have some major goals in life and I could use all the ideas I can get. I apologize that the ideas above are vague; it's not necessary to get into the details at this time.

Launch of the 1 Million Page Challenge Blog

In the next 10 years (actually 9 because 2011 is gone), I'm going to be busy but I will certainly enjoy it. I'll use this blog to reflect on the books, articles and journals I will be reading. Be warned, I read very different topics that most people. You might not find a single fiction book here... maybe! I like to stay in real life (kind of...). We'll see how this goes. Wish me well, please! :) Ok, I'm heading back to study for my tax quiz. Yes, I'm still a student... for a few more months.