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On February 27, 2015, 3AngelsLCI launched its VISION 2025 in commemoration of Ellen G. White's new strategy she visioned on February 27, 1910. As the 105-year anniversary of that new strategy, February 27 became the key date to launch the VISION 2025 which aims to bring that new strategy to life.

Centers of Influence

Centers of Influence are one part of the Ellen G. White's twin-model strategy of community development and humanitarian endeavors for reaching all cities, towns and villages worldwide. These pictures shows a center of influence in development in Phoenix, AZ.

Outpost Centers

Outpost Centers are the other part of Ellen G. White's twin-model strategy. The services at the Outpost Centers and Centers of Influence are to complement each other.

Community-based Agriculture

This Hub of Influence is demonstrating how home-based agriculture, a key component of Ellen G. White's strategy, can still be implemented within a city, even a desert-city like Phoenix, AZ. Home-based agriculture has various benefits to community well-being including economic empowerment, healthy exercise, access of sunlight and fresh air, environmental conservation, food security, etc.

Aug 15, 2012

The Rising of Africa: A Video and Various Resources

This is just a roughly put-together post. It's interesting how this CNN video shows that trouble for Europe is becoming an opportunity for Africa.

Here are a few books and reports that are great for anyone with an interest in Africa and where Africa could be headed. Please put these on your reading list.

Africa Rising: How 900 Million African Consumers Offer More Than You Think (2009) by Vijay Mahajan

Africa's Greatest Entrepreneurs (2009) by Moky Makura

The Promise of Emerging Africa (In the report Rapid-Growth Markets (January 2012) by Ernst & Young)

Africa Oil and Gas: A Continent on the Move (2011) (Report by Ernst & Young)

Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa (2009) by Dambisa Moyo

Look out for more resources of Africa.

Aug 12, 2012

A Simply Beautiful Wedding (1999) by Eileen Silva Kindig

Book's pages:  149;

Eileen S. Kindig is obviously writing mainly to American brides and their mothers. Nonetheless, the principles she gives are useful in any culture and can also help bridegrooms to assist in the planning of a “sensible” wedding. As an individual who’s planning to be married shortly, I decided to read this book to get a little understanding of the “female world” in relation to weddings. I think reading this book will certainly help me avoid some headaches with my Bride as we plan our wedding.

I feel that a lot of my friends, especially my American friends, could save themselves a lot of headaches and heartbreaks if they listened to even 20% of what Eileen states in her book. There a lot of things that some of my friends and colleagues have done or money they spent on their weddings that just shocked me. I got a good cultural education (and cultural shock) just by looking at the jaw-dropping stuff that surrounded their engagements and weddings. I wonder if someone else will look at my wedding and express the same amazement as I express to my friends and colleagues weddings. Wish me all the best (and save me from myself) please!

Click here to buy a copy of the book A Simply Beautiful Wedding by Eileen S. Kindig for even a $0.01 on Amazon.com (plus $4.00 shipping).

Catastrophe: Risk and Response (2004) by Richard A. Posner

Book's pages:  322;

Sorry friends, I'm a bit busy studying for my Certified Public Accountant exam so I don't have a review prepared for this book at this time. Please check back in the near future. I hope I'll remember what this book was about!

The Crisis Ahead: A Compilation from the Writings of Ellen G. White (1970) Prepared by Robert W. Olson

Book's pages:  133;

Robert W. Olson put together this compilation of Spirit of Prophecy quotations (Ellen G. White writings) to give a brief summary about Ellen G. White's view on various topics. It is the most concise book I have come across to date on Ellen G. White's views of the challenges facing the planet on all fronts and the Adventist church's role and calling during the time of those challenges. I don't even remember where I got this book.

I think I'll let Robert W. Olson himself describe for what this book is intended.
"This compilation has been prepared in the Gift of Prophecy class at Pacific Union College. It is not an attempt to dogmatically finalize on the sequence of future events, but it is rather a gathering together, for study purposes, of the most important E. G. White statements relating to those prophecies which remain to be fulfilled prior to the return of Christ. These quotations have been outlined in what appears to me to be a logical order but this has been done without prejudice toward alternate or opposite views held by others.
" It is impossible to arrange the chapters in perfect sequence since so many of them include overlapping material. For example, the "Latter Rain" and the "Loud Cry" are parallel experiences, one the cause and other the effect. The chapter on "Satan's Personation of Christ" might have been located near "The Close of Probation" but it seems best to study this topic in connection with "Satan's Miracles."
"The Lord instructed Sister White to "charge the teachers in our schools to prepare the students for what is coming upon the world." FE 526, 527. And the Lord gave that same prophetess the information which is reproduced in this syllabus. May its study be rewarding to each student. 
Robert W. Olson"
Click here to buy a copy of the book The Crisis Ahead (Ellen G. White Comments) compiled by Robert W. Olson

Lord, Teach Me How To Pray (2011) by Stephen L. Lyons

Book pages:  44;

Sorry friends, I'm a bit busy studying for my Certified Public Accountant exam so I don't have a review prepared for this book at this time. Please check back in the near future. I hope I'll remember what this book was about!