About Me

I am here to change the world, to enjoy life and to positively make a difference in the lives of BILLIONS. I strive to listen, to learn and to love. Obstacles are painful (I admit) but they motivate me to conquer both my weaknesses and challenges, and to reach up for new heights.

The following 7 principles/goals guide my life. I am committed to living my life in pursuit of..
  1. The Love, Excellence and Perfection of the Character of Jesus
  2. The Uncompromising and Strong Leadership Ability of Nehemiah
  3. The Intelligence of Daniel in order to be 10 times wiser than the wisest
  4. The Gifted Hands of Joseph which touch anything and it becomes blessed and fruitful
  5. The Feet of Joshua which take in possession whatever they step on
  6. The Fiery Zeal of Paul that impacts the entire world, and
  7. The Simple (but very important and daring) Humility of Mary through which comes the opportunity to bless the world!