Aug 5, 2015

Caution urged over editing DNA in wildlife (intentionally or not) (04 August 2015) by Heidi Ledford

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This article in the journal Nature summarizes a set of recent articles in the journal Science which explain the scientific advances achieved in "gene drive." Scientists at the University of Carlifornia, San Diego published an article sharing how they used a gene-editing technique (CRISPR) to "insert a mutation into fruit flies that would be passed on to almost all of their offspring."

Some scientists are excited about this development as they see a potential to "render mosquitoes unable to carry malaria parasites or to wipe out harmful invasive species." Others are concerned that this technique "could also have unanticipated environmental costs and might be impossible to reverse."  Some at the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Arlington, Virginia have security concerns about this technique.


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