Feb 4, 2012

Christ Our Righteousness (1924) by Arthur G. Daniells

Pages: 165;

The author argues that righteousness (doing right) by faith through Jesus is today's message for the church and the world. The Third Angel's Message of Revelation 14:6-12 is the message about Jesus Christ our righteousness, according to the author. In essence, Daniells is saying that the Third Angel is going to the whole world to present the only true righteousness which is the righteousness by faith through Jesus; the angel's warning is against those who try to obtain righteousness by any false methods that are not prescribed by God. The author believes that God is calling the church to a higher level of His saving grace. He references Ellen G. White's statement which states,
"Christ imputes to us His sinless character, and presents us to the Father in His own purity. There are many who think that it is impossible to escape from the power of sin, but the promise is that we may be filled with all the fulness of God.We aim too low. The mark is much higher."

Also, the writer presents two parts of righteousness: justification and sanctification. This E.G. White quote from the book summaries those two parts:
"The righteousness by which we are justified is imputed. The righteousness by which we are sanctified is imparted. The first is our title to heaven; the second is our fitness for heaven."
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