Aug 12, 2012

The Crisis Ahead: A Compilation from the Writings of Ellen G. White (1970) Prepared by Robert W. Olson

Book's pages:  133;

Robert W. Olson put together this compilation of Spirit of Prophecy quotations (Ellen G. White writings) to give a brief summary about Ellen G. White's view on various topics. It is the most concise book I have come across to date on Ellen G. White's views of the challenges facing the planet on all fronts and the Adventist church's role and calling during the time of those challenges. I don't even remember where I got this book.

I think I'll let Robert W. Olson himself describe for what this book is intended.
"This compilation has been prepared in the Gift of Prophecy class at Pacific Union College. It is not an attempt to dogmatically finalize on the sequence of future events, but it is rather a gathering together, for study purposes, of the most important E. G. White statements relating to those prophecies which remain to be fulfilled prior to the return of Christ. These quotations have been outlined in what appears to me to be a logical order but this has been done without prejudice toward alternate or opposite views held by others.
" It is impossible to arrange the chapters in perfect sequence since so many of them include overlapping material. For example, the "Latter Rain" and the "Loud Cry" are parallel experiences, one the cause and other the effect. The chapter on "Satan's Personation of Christ" might have been located near "The Close of Probation" but it seems best to study this topic in connection with "Satan's Miracles."
"The Lord instructed Sister White to "charge the teachers in our schools to prepare the students for what is coming upon the world." FE 526, 527. And the Lord gave that same prophetess the information which is reproduced in this syllabus. May its study be rewarding to each student. 
Robert W. Olson"
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