Aug 12, 2012

A Simply Beautiful Wedding (1999) by Eileen Silva Kindig

Book's pages:  149;

Eileen S. Kindig is obviously writing mainly to American brides and their mothers. Nonetheless, the principles she gives are useful in any culture and can also help bridegrooms to assist in the planning of a “sensible” wedding. As an individual who’s planning to be married shortly, I decided to read this book to get a little understanding of the “female world” in relation to weddings. I think reading this book will certainly help me avoid some headaches with my Bride as we plan our wedding.

I feel that a lot of my friends, especially my American friends, could save themselves a lot of headaches and heartbreaks if they listened to even 20% of what Eileen states in her book. There a lot of things that some of my friends and colleagues have done or money they spent on their weddings that just shocked me. I got a good cultural education (and cultural shock) just by looking at the jaw-dropping stuff that surrounded their engagements and weddings. I wonder if someone else will look at my wedding and express the same amazement as I express to my friends and colleagues weddings. Wish me all the best (and save me from myself) please!

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