Mar 3, 2015

3AngelsLCI, Global Community Development and the 1 Million Page Challenge

I grew up in a society which lacked a strong reading culture. However, in my quest to become an extraordinary Adventist, a responsible global citizen, a seasoned business consultant, impactful social entrepreneur, and an effective global leader, I became convinced of the importance of a robust reading habit. I came across the following quote by Dr. Pipim: "Those who read are those who lead. But those who write challenge the leaders to do right."

In 2011, I challenged myself to read one million pages or 2,500 books in 10 years. I desire to use the nuggets I gain through this challenge to make the best of my life and to become a committed and loving Adventist, husband, friend, employee, and global leader.

This readathon has now become a 3AngelsLCI initiative for extensive information collection to gather nuggets that are likely to be useful in global community development. The initiative was initially scheduled to start in 2011 and end in 2020. It now has been relaunched in 2015 to align it with the VISION 2025 timeline. Click here to read about 3AngelsLCI's VISION 2025.

Feel free to tweet or email me (see top right) with any books you recommend for my readathon.


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