Mar 6, 2012

The Acts of the Apostles (1911) by Ellen G. White

Pages: 602;

The writer presents the courage, leadership, friendship, love, passion and fearlessness that a group of first-century individuals showed to a cause they had recently found through their young Jewish friend, Jesus of Nazareth. 50 days before, this Jesus of Nazareth had been killed through a humiliating and painful Roman killing practice called a crucifixion. The Jewish nation expected Jesus' friends to be completely devastated and fearful; sure enough, they were hiding and fearful. However, on the fiftieth day from Jesus death, which coincided with the Jewish festival of Pentecost, this group suddenly developed boldness and courage to stand for their beliefs. Many of them were killed, arrested, tortured, and exiled. Nonetheless, their courage did not wane even as they were killed like their friend, Jesus of Nazareth.

Some of the heroes in this book include Stephen, Phillip, Dorcas, Peter, John, Paul, Barnabas and James. Among these, Paul seemed to be the key individual. He was a very educated individual who held both the Jewish and Roman citizenship. Though he starts off on the side of those killing and arresting the Christians (a name later given to the friends of Jesus of Nazareth), he has a life-changing event which transforms him into a ardent support of those persecuted. His story exemplifies dedication, passion, love, strong leadership and endurance. His extensive traveling and launching of new affiliate centers all over the Euro/Middle-Eastern area, and his management, oversight, and thorough grooming of new leadership shows that he possessed strong CEO-type qualities.

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